Contractor Onboarding

How to Onboard an Independent Contractor A contractor onboarding process is different to onboarding a permanent employee. For instance, you do not owe them any employer contributions. Also, they are technically self-employed. Hence, in most cases, they manage tax requirements on their own. Note the steps below to establish a strong contractor onboarding workflow. CLEARLY […]

International Human Resource Management

HRM Vs. IHRM – an In-depth Comparison of HRM and IHRM  Is the fundamental concept of IHRM clear to you? Let us now move on to find out the differences between HRM and IHRM:  The most basic difference between IHRM and domestic HRM is that IHRM takes into account the HRM operations of two or […]

A Definitive Guide for Employee Outsourcing

Global HR Management Software Why Do Companies Outsource Their Workforce? There are many reasons why companies outsource their workforce.  The major reason is to save money and increase their work efficiency.  Companies outsource their workforce because they get better, cheaper, and faster work done for their particular task. They can hand over tedious and time-consuming […]