Building An Effective Salary Budget Strategy for APAC

In this guide, you will find insightful and actionable information on the current market scenario and next year’s salary projections, enabling you to create the perfect compensation strategy for your business.

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Why Should You Have This Salary Budget Planning Guide?

Inflation has not affected all economies equally, each labor market is unique with differing employee needs and expectations. For example, while inflation is not a major concern in India, the labor market is marked by severe attrition.
Japan faces a severe talent crunch, while Indonesia suffers from slow growth.
To summarize, employee expectations are varied across APAC.

Our salary benchmarking report accommodates various perspectives and packs data based on the latest surveys, helping you plan an all-inclusive salary budget for the country of your choice.

This guide includes

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Frequently Asked Questions

Onboarding an overseas freelancer on Multiplier should take you anywhere between.. (Have checked w Rekha for high-level breakdown of current onboarding process & timeline)

Onboarding employees on Multiplier’s happens in a few clicks. Practically, you can employ new foreign talent in your company in less than 24 hours

Multiplier has its own local entities in over 150 countries across APAC, Europe and Americas

No. Multiplier does not offer help with setting up a local infrastructure in a foreign country. However, you can use Multiplier’s local entities to park your employees on our payroll

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© 2022 Multiplier — All right reserved.