Hire & Employ Talent Compliantly With A Philippines PEO & EOR

Over the past decade, the Philippines has burgeoned into the world’s stage as one of Asia’s fastest-growing economies. The island nation boasts a GDP of $376 billion – a 600% increase since the 1990s.  The Philippines is also becoming a bedrock of hot talent in health, information technology, services. Moreover, IMD Business School’s World Talent […]

Background Checks/Employee Screening In The Philippines

Any company expanding to a foreign nation must hire employees to run the business. Whether you employ remote employees or in-office staff for your company headquarters in the Philippines, you must conduct thorough background checks for all potential candidates.  The Philippines has a vast reserve of young and skilled talent. However, without a proper background […]

Payroll In The Philippines

The Philippines is an emerging market for international companies. The country has an advantage of a skilled workforce, a steady open economy, and a strategic location with access to Asian and Western markets. There are numerous opportunities for foreign companies to establish their business here.  However, setting up a business in a foreign country involves […]

Sole Proprietorship In The Philippines

A sole proprietorship gives complete control to an individual owner. It is one of the simplest structures for business expansion in the Philippines. Freelancers and self-employed professionals are both included under sole proprietorship.  Foreigners can establish a sole proprietorship in the Philippines in industries not governed by ownership equity laws. Over 40% of firms are […]

Starting A Business In The Philippines

Business Opportunities in the Philippines The Philippines is located in the center of Asia, making it a strategic country for international trade and commerce. The country’s economic vitality is anchored on solid consumer demand, backed by improved earnings and a solid financial background. This has been possible owing to increased urbanization and a growing middle-income […]

Subsidiaries In The Philippines

A local subsidiary is a Philippine-incorporated domestic firm entirely or majority-owned by a foreign multinational corporation. In the Philippines, subsidiaries are generally registered as LLCs or corporations. Since subsidiaries are locally incorporated, they are classified as domestic entities. Hence, the legal identity of a subsidiary business in the Phillippines is separate and distinct from both […]

How To Hire In the Philippines

The recruitment process in the Philippines is a long process requiring much of an employer’s time. After all, every employer wishes to hire top candidates for their organization. Considering the flourishing economy of the country, foreign investors are ready to reap the benefits of this upcoming market and hire skilled Filipino employees. As more companies […]

Employment Act And Labor Laws In The Philippines

The primary step in establishing a presence in the Philippines is to be familiar with the labor laws that the government has set to protect its workers. It serves as a legal framework that determines employment in the country and the best practices that must be observed. The Philippines Labor Code is the law governing […]

Benefits And Compensations In The Philippines

The Philippines’ ongoing upward trajectory in their economic performance reflects the quality of talents residing there. With this, companies worldwide are employing strategies to retain and attract Filipino workers into joining their businesses.  Hiring in the Philippines is made easy with technologies and online job portals. But since the country places high regard on providing […]