Employment Background Checks in Serbia

Serbia has come a long way, breaking away from its communist past in 2006. The country jumped 44 positions over the two years before the pandemic and is now ranked 47th on the World Bank Doing Business List.  Serbia’s business environment is stable and offers transparent market conditions. The vast pool of skilled and talented […]

Benefits And Compensation In Serbia

What are Employee Benefits? Employee benefits are any additional perks or add-ons an employer provides to its employees. These benefits can be monetary or non-monetary, according to company policy. Employers calculate the perceived value of these benefits before adding them to the employee’s gross pay. In Serbia, hundreds of companies operate in various sectors like […]

How To Hire In Serbia

Serbia is a fast-growing economy that offers a safe business environment to businesses. The country has seen ample foreign direct investment because of various favorable factors, such as the fact that the nation is seeing several economic reforms as a part of its European Union accession. Mention needs to be made of its agreement with […]

Starting A Business In Serbia

Business Opportunities in Serbia For the fourth consecutive year, Serbia takes the top spot globally for the nation with the most FDI jobs per million people. Due to its geographical location and significant public policy measures toward international investment, Serbia enjoys a competitive edge. It presents an appealing profit potential for EU and Asian businesses.  […]

Payroll in Serbia

Serbia, a country of the Balkans, is a famous country for business expansions. Its diverse population makes it ideal for different companies that serve a diverse set of audiences.  The country is categorized as an upper-middle income economy with the GNI per capita of  $6,390. Business sectors like energy, automotive, machinery, mining, and agriculture contribute […]

Subsidiaries in Serbia

Serbia is one of the best countries to expand your business. It has a diverse population, and the country offers several business opportunities in energy, automobiles, machinery, and several other sectors. The nation comes under the upper middle-income category, and the GNI per capita is $6,390.  The country is ranked 44 in the ease of […]

Sole Proprietorship In Serbia

Serbia has become one of the premier locations for investment in Central Europe and Eastern Europe. Since 2007, the country has seen more than €37 billion in direct investment in inward trade. Top global names such as Panasonic, Bosch, Toyo Tires, Magna, Aunde, Continental, Siemens, and Swarovski lead the list of foreign investors in the […]