Future-Proof Your Business and Thrive in the Impending Recession

Are you pausing your plans to expand or on a hiring freeze because of macroeconomic factors? 

Don’t wait for the boom times to fill your talent pipeline; hire high-quality global talent to meet your business needs with Multiplier

Trusted by industry leaders for an all-in-one Employer of Record solution

We’re at the cusp of a looming recession. But, global talent is affordable.

Businesses that take advantage of hiring global talent during a recession can emerge from the crisis better prepared for the future. Multiplier is revolutionizing how the world views global employment.

Onboard top talent from around the world

One comprehensive global employment platform to build talent resiliency for your organization

Effortless Global Employment

With Multiplier’s extensive country coverage, you can hire employees and contractors legally without having to set up a local entity yourself

Accurate Multi-Country Payroll

Say goodbye to multi-country payroll woes. With a single automated payroll platform, you can pay all of your employees on time and in their native currency

Localized and Homogenous Benefits

Trying to find strategies to entice and keep top talent? With competitive, regional benefits, you can improve your offer of an out-of-the-benefits package

The preferred choice of global businesses that employ talent internationally

The preferred choice of global businesses that employ talent internationally

Create a world-class team by simplifying international employment

© 2022 Multiplier — All rights reserved.

© 2022 Multiplier — All right reserved.