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How It Works


Select the laptop and submit your request


Receive an invoice for
the laptop


Multiplier will reach out to the employee for their address


Once the laptop has shipped, Multiplier issues an agreement between you and your employee

Frequently Asked Questions

We currently support 55 countries on the platform. We also support ad-hoc requests for countries outside the list based on the volume of asset requests.

We can provide laptops, mouse, monitors, headphones, and keyboards (subject to availability in a specific country)

The customer can go to the “Resources” section on the sidebar, click on “IT assets,” and then select the desired country. The list of all assets will now be visible on their screen. They can further filter the assets by asset type and brand.

Yes, the customer can choose to equip their employees with IT assets post onboarding.

Yes, the customer can make custom requests if they require a particular IT asset. We will reach out to our local partner in the country and get back to the customer on the feasibility of their request.

Once the asset is purchased, the customer owns the asset. The customer will reach out to us for the offboarding process.

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