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The world is one big market

Expanding into new markets is no simple feat

If you are looking to scale your workforce globally, save hours of approval processes and thousands of dollars, use Multiplier as your Employer of Record today. We enable businesses to onboard, pay and manage global talent compliantly in over 150 countries.

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Unlock doors to international employment

Traditionally, if you wished to employ talent globally, you would have to have a legal business entity registered. Today, you can bypass this tedious process and focus solely on what’s important - growing your business. Employ the best candidates from over 150+ countries with Multiplier as your Employer of Record partner. We manage onboarding, international payroll, compliance, benefits administration and more, all in one easy-to-use wrapped up solution.


Local business entities in over 150 countries across APAC, Europe and Americas


Secure cloud AWS, GDPR compliant and enterprise-class data protection policies


Onboard global employees in a few clicks — hassle-free yet completely compliant


Strong team of legal and tax experts on-site to craft compliant contracts

Pioneering the future of a distributed workforce

As your Employer of Record, you can utilise our global infrastructure to hire and pay your overseas employees compliantly. You maintain day-to-day control of your team, while we take care of the rest - benefits, payroll, compliance, insurance, and more.

Create a world-class team by simplifying international employment

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