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Frequently Asked Questions

Multiplier is a modern-age Saas-based global EOR solution. With a presence in 100+ countries, Multiplier facilitates seamless global employment and expansion for brands looking to set up globally distributed teams.

Onboarding employees on Multiplier happens in a few clicks. Practically, you can employ new foreign talent in your company in less than 24 hours.

Companies can take advantage of Multiplier’s EOR to employ foreign talent without setting up local entities in each country. The SaaS-based platform helps you manage and pay all your hired employees from one single dashboard.

Multiplier has its local entities in over 150 countries across the Asia-Pacific region, Europe, and the United States of America.

Thanks to our local entities in each country, Multiplier is able to employ your talent with 100% compliance. Our in-house experts and on-ground staff stay cognizant of labor laws and regulations 24×7 ensuring you are fully compliant even in rapidly changing socio-economic environments.

Multiplier’s platform supports hiring and offering benefits for both employees and contractors




Legal Experts





An all-in-one international employment platform

Find talent from anywhere in the world - Onboard them easily using Multiplier - Set up payroll and benefits in a few clicks

© 2023 Multiplier — All right reserved.

© 2022 Multiplier — All right reserved.