Starting A Business In Bahrain

Business Opportunities In Bahrain Bahrain is one of the most economically liberal countries with an ethnically diverse demographic. Due to its strategic location in the Arabian Gulf, Bahrain is a junction for major trade routes with the Kingdom of Saudi to its east and Qatar to its north. The country’s dynamic business environment and flourishing […]

Subsidiaries In Bahrain

Situated at the center of the Arabian Gulf, the Kingdom of Bahrain enjoys a unique strategic position for foreign investors to invest. With a rapid clearance time through the Khalifa Bin Salman port and excellent connectivity through road and air routes, foreign companies in Bahrain can easily access the 1.67 trillion market of the Gulf Cooperation Council […]

Ultimate Guide To Hire effectively in Bahrain

The Kingdom of Bahrain offers a national geographic advantage for foreign investments owing to its strategic location in the Persian Gulf. Bahrain promises to be a lucrative investment for foreign investors with low operational and setup costs for businesses, 100% foreign ownership in most non-oil sectors, and just a few indirect taxes for private establishments. […]

Sole Proprietorship in Bahrain

Bahrain is a popular business destination for foreign investors due to its pro-business environment and relaxed legal and taxation regulations. Besides boasting a steadily increasing GDP, Bahrain is one of the most technologically advanced nations with an expanding tech ecosystem. As a business owner setting up a business in Bahrain, a sole proprietorship is perhaps […]

Benefits And Compensation In Bahrain

What are Employee Benefits? A well-designed compensation and benefits policy is the key to retaining employees.  Employee benefits are perks employees receive above their salaries. They can be classified as non-wage benefits provided to the employee. Health insurance, child care, maternity cover, and benefits for retirement are a few benefits provided to employees. An employer […]

Payroll In Bahrain

Business owners looking to expand their venture to Bahrain and hire employees must be well-versed with payroll rules and regulations in Bahrain.  After starting operations in Bahrain, employers must include all their employees on the company payroll in compliance with the country’s labor laws and payroll regulations. Payroll is an essential corporate expenditure that’s almost always deductible […]

Employment Act In Bahrain

In a recent global study, the Kingdom of Bahrain was named the most attractive location for ex-pats. Job seekers come here from all over because it offers a variety of work opportunities, modern healthcare facilities, and incredible tourist attractions. Bahrain has a GDP of $42 billion, and the company has been on a growth trajectory […]

Background Checks / Employee Screening In Bahrain

Doing Business With a Bahrain PEO

The Kingdom of Bahrain, with its geographical compactness, offers a supportive business environment with a rapidly growing economy and a promise of exciting investment opportunities.  Among the union of the six Arab states bordering the Gulf known as the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), Bahrain has the most diversified economy. With its allowance of 100% foreign […]

Doing Business With a Bahrain PEO

Doing Business With a Bahrain PEO

Bahrain is a popular trade hub in the Middle East. Its location and growing population make it an ideal consumer market for foreign businesses. Being an advanced middle-east nation, Bahrain is well connected with the world. Hence, it will be the perfect destination for setting up your foreign subsidiary. While Bahrain offers enormous opportunities for […]