Belgium Labor Law

The Kingdom of Belgium is a leading economy in Northwestern Europe. Belgium comprises three regions based on four languages: The Flemish Region, Walloon Region, and the Brussels-Capital Region.  Belgium is the 37th freest economy among 177 countries and with a healthy economy score of 69.6 in the 2022 Index of economic freedom. The index ranks […]

Belgium PEO-Employer Of Record

Doing Business With a Belgium PEO/EOR  Belgium has an open economy and is one of the most globalized countries facilitating cross-border trading and business activities and attracts international businesses and investors. It is an exceptional location in the middle of the European market, giving it easy access to a sizable, wealthy EU consumer base.  With […]

Employment Background Check In Belgium

The Kingdom of Belgium is a Federal Monarchy in Europe with a high-income economy and a GDP of 599.88 USD Billion in 2021, where the service sector generates the maximum contribution. It offers a highly educated, skilled, and productive workforce, making it a lucrative destination for finding talented employees. Employers looking to hire from Belgium […]

Benefits & Compensation in Belgium

What are Employee Benefits? Employee benefits include the perks given to employees and their base pay. Employee benefits may cover health insurance, retirement, and paid time off. Depending on the company’s policies, these benefits can be either monetary or non-monetary.  Employee benefits serve both – an employer and employee. Such perks help employers show gratification […]

How To Register A Sole Proprietorship In Belgium

Belgium is a prime location to start a business. For most companies, it is the central gateway to some of the wealthiest European cities like the capital, Brussels, and other cities like Paris and Amsterdam.  Apart from this, Belgium offers low barriers to market entry, a gateway to 500 million European consumers, and a competitive […]

Subsidiaries in Belgium

Belgium is one of the premier European countries, with a Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of 599.88 billion US dollars in 2021. It is a free-enterprise economy, and the service sector is the major contributor to the GDP of Belgium. The country is located in central Europe, which gives it easy access to the entire continent. […]

How To Hire In Belgium

Belgium is an open economy that offers a skilled and multilingual workforce. It is a prime location in Western Europe, home to several notable firms like anheuser-Busch IBev, Ageas, Kinepolis, Volvo Car Gent, and others. Its economy includes sectors like transportation, technology, and manufacturing, which make up 80% of its GDP. Having a low rate […]

Starting A Business In Belgium

Business Opportunities in Belgium Belgium has an expanding economy and a formal corporate culture like its European neighbors. As per World Bank Doing Business Report 2020, Belgium ranks 46th out of 190 economies.  According to EU figures, there are more than 62,000 operating firms in Belgium. Small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs), which account for most […]

Payroll in Belgium

Belgium has a free-enterprise economy supporting its entrepreneurial culture. Opening up a new business is relatively easy in this upper-middle-income country. According to the World Bank report 2020, it ranks 46 out of 190 countries in the ease of doing business index. The nation falls in the category of high OECD countries, and its GDP […]