Work Permit in Canada


Why is Work Permit Needed? Foreign nationals must acquire a work permit to work in Canada.  The work permit for Canada is a legal document issued by the Canadian government that legitimizes the person’s stay and permits them to work in the country. The only way for a foreign national to legally work in Canada is […]

Setting Up A Subsidiary In Canada

Business owners looking to expand their venture in Canada can enjoy numerous advantages concerning taxation and opportunities. However, before you do so, you must determine your business structure. For instance, you may wish to operate your business as a branch of the parent company situated in another country or set up a subsidiary with a separate […]

Sole Proprietorship In Canada

Canada is one of the countries with high ease of doing business, and it has combated several financial crises since around 2008. The OECD has complemented the country for its strong revival and steady business growth. Canada is believed to maintain its strength in the upcoming years. It is undoubtedly safe to set up a […]

Employment Laws In Canada

Employment laws are essential for all nations. Canada also has several employment laws to protect employers’ and employees’ rights. Most of the Canadian Labour Laws are associated with working hours, wages, pensions, workplace discipline, etc. You can refer to the employment law Canada guide to understand all employment laws and then abide by them. Canadian […]

How To Hire In Canada

If you plan to expand your business abroad, Canada may be the perfect location to do it. With a GDP of 1.644 trillion USD, Canada is not only an ideal foreign market to expand into, but its strategic location makes it easier to establish business relations with the USA.  Apart from access to the US market, […]

Starting A Business In Canada

Business Opportunities in Canada Canada is a developed country with a well-educated and skilled workforce, modern infrastructural facilities, an organized justice system, and a robust tax regime. Furthermore, its proximity to the United States (US) has bolstered its economic prospects. Starting a business in Canada is a step in the right direction for every organization. […]

Benefits & Compensation In Canada

What are Employee Benefits? Employee benefits are the perks and benefits that companies offer to their employees over and above their annual salary. This includes medical benefits for employees, paid holidays, allowances, and ESOPs, among other things. Certain benefits may vary from company to company, but there are several benefits guaranteed by the country where […]

Payroll In Canada

Canada is the world’s second-largest country in terms of total area and the world’s 10th largest economy. It is a parliamentary democracy and a constitutional monarchy in the Westminster style. The king and prime minister act as the chair of the cabinet and the head of government. When it comes to doing business, Canada ranks […]

Background Checks / Employee Screening In Canada


Before you finalize any potential candidates in Canada, you must ensure they are legally sanctioned to work in the country. Both candidates and companies must know that a pre-employment background check in Canada is vital for a successful relationship between them. This article explains the ins and outs of employment background checks in Canada, the […]