Work Permit in China

Why is Work Permit Needed? As stated by immigration laws, employees coming to work in China must have a proper China work visa and work permit. The work permit needs to be secured for employees and should be sponsored by a locally licensed and incorporated entity. Number of Expats: Expats Job Websites: Popular Industries for […]

Employment And Labor Law In China

The Labor Law of the People’s Republic of China is the employment law China guide that lays down all the rules and regulations concerning the employer-employee relationship in the country. The body of rules encompasses everything from hiring candidates to the conditions for termination, and there are hardly any other amendments that companies can make […]

Setting Up A Subsidiary In China

China presents itself as a coveted destination for setting up a subsidiary because of the array of advantages this business form possesses and the conducive market of the country. Foreign Invested Enterprises or FIEs as subsidiary businesses in China are also a popular form of business for foreign entrepreneurs and investors. They can enjoy 100 […]

Sole Proprietorship In China

China has become the fastest-growing consumer market globally, making it a wonderful place to set up your business. A sole proprietorship is one of the most accessible forms of business.  As the name suggests, it is a one-person business entity. A sole proprietor owns the business and is responsible for all the profits or losses of the […]

How To Hire In China

China has the second-largest economy in the world. Thus, it invites foreigners to set up their business in China. The Chinese economy provides opportunities for foreign companies to increase their revenues and market share in the country. Foreigners can use different business entities to set up their business in China. A Wholly Foreign-Owned Enterprise and […]

Starting A Business In China

Business Opportunities in China Beginning a business in China is a huge accomplishment. China offers plenty of promising business opportunities to foreign investors. Here are a few industries booming right now –  Tourism Aged Care sector Education sector Financial Services and Investment Agriculture sector Processed Food sector Infrastructure Development Legal Services Information Communication Technology However, […]

Benefits And Compensation In China

What are Employee Benefits? Employee benefits in China are additional compensation and benefits offered to employees and their salaries and earnings. Overtime pay, medical insurance, vacation, profit sharing, and retirement benefits are a few examples of employee benefits in China. Offering benefits to your employees is crucial since it demonstrates that you care about their […]

Payroll in China

One of the most crucial aspects contributing to China’s unmatched economic progress is its worker force. Other factors which have propelled the country’s global appeal are the pro-business government policies and a flourishing entrepreneurial environment. China plans to accelerate its progress in the coming years by leveraging its young workforce and large-scale manufacturing prowess. The […]

Background Checks / Employee Screening In China

What Is Employment Background Verification? Before an employer makes an employment offer to a job applicant in China, businesses generally perform a background check on prospective employees and job seekers. Personal information, educational history, criminal records, qualifications, and employer references are primary requirements for employee screening in China. This article offers a brief overview of […]