Doing business with a German PEO/EOR

The Federal Republic of Germany is the 2nd-most populous country after Russia in Europe with over 83 million citizens. Berlin is the capital and the largest city in Germany, with the financial center being Frankfurt and Ruhr being the largest urban area. Germany depicts strong economic growth and is one of the largest economies in […]

Background Checks And Employee Screening In Germany

Germany is an economy that boasts of one of the most skilled, educated, productive, and professional workforces in the world. If you are looking to hire in Germany, you must run a background check and employee screening before onboarding candidates to ensure accurate claims and credentials. This article talks extensively about employment background checks in […]

Starting A Business In Germany

Germany is one of the largest and most stable trading economies in the world. It offers  highly developed and secure economic and political frameworks.  Several contributing factors such as a positive social climate, a skilled workforce, a proven track record of research and development, and a well-developed infrastructure have made Germany an attractive market for […]

Setting Up A Subsidiary In Germany

Germany is an attractive economy for entrepreneurs across the globe due to its ease of doing business, government initiatives, and large employable talent. This has made foreign entrepreneurs and several businesses expand their operations and incorporate their subsidiary businesses in Germany. Setting up a subsidiary in Germany is a relatively complex and long-drawn process. The […]

How to Hire in Germany

Germany is a country known for its extremely skilled, educated, and highly professional workforce. With the majority of the workforce in the contributing industries, such as science and technology, automobiles, and research and development, the economy is one of the strongest countries in GDP. A significant percentage of the German workforce has attributes that pertain […]

Employment Act and Labor Laws in Germany

When looking at hiring and employing in Germany, employers must be aware of and comply with all provisions under the German labor laws.  The German employment laws are divided into two areas that you must be mindful of when hiring — Collective Employment Law This law oversees collective representation and all employees. Individual Employment Law […]

Benefits and Compensation in Germany

German employees are among the most skilled and educated workforces to hire globally, especially in science and technology, innovation, and the automobile industry.  Therefore this calls for providing the proper compensation structure that would fit the employee’s requirements and your budget for hiring, providing the right benefits and compensation structure. The German compensation and employment […]

Sole Proprietorship in Germany

Germany is known for its business across several domains and different industries. With a growing liking for foreigners to expand into the German markets as sole proprietors, a sole proprietorship in Germany has become one of the most popular forms of legally establishing a business. Setting a sole proprietorship in Germany has the benefits of […]

Payroll in Germany

Germany is an economy known for its complex employment and payroll regulations and requirements.  With complex payroll requirements in Germany, employers must ensure that they are compliant with the existing laws and requirements.  The recent changes in social responsibilities and tax requirements, such as the progressive tax brackets and solidity tax, payroll administration, and reporting […]