Hire & Employ Talent Compliantly With A India PEO & EOR

India has a burgeoning middle class and a growing list of millionaires who account for the steady growth (9.1%) in consumer spending. Besides possessing rich diversity in culture and lifestyle, the Indian market is rife with various products. Factors like these have made India what it is today – the 6th biggest economy globally with […]

Employment Background Verification in India

Background checks in India confirm the authenticity of a person’s job history, commercial records, financial records, criminal records and other information. Comprehensive background checks ensure you don’t leave things to chance and hire the right people. According to a study conducted in 2022, banking, healthcare, manufacturing, pharma, and engineering sectors have all reported discrepancies higher […]

Sole Proprietorship in India

Sole proprietorship is one of the most popular types of business entities in India. In this structure, a single person is the owner and is personally liable for all of the company’s debts and liabilities. It is the most basic form of an entity, with the fewest compliance requirements. Before starting a sole proprietorship in […]

Payroll in India

With a population of more than 1.3 billion, India is leveraging its large talent pool for innovation, research, and development. Additionally, the government is looking to launch numerous business-friendly schemes to motivate the youth’s entrepreneurial spirit and invite investments. Many global organizations consider India a desirable market for personnel and customer growth. As a result, […]

Starting a Business in India

India is regarded as one of the most powerful economic forces globally. Despite being a developing nation, its domestic economy significantly impacts global trade. Most of the world’s developed countries want to establish or strengthen connections with India due to its influence and diverse offerings. India is a fast-growing economy that also happens to be […]

Benefits and Compensation in India

India is one of the most promising economies globally and has a diverse talent pool. Even though it is a developing country, India has tackled the global challenges very well with its strong partnerships and robust democracy. The Indian labor laws outline several standard and supplementary perks. There are specific hours to be dedicated and […]

Employment Act and Labor Laws in India

In India, there are several employment-related laws and legislations which companies have to follow. These laws aim to protect the interests of both employers and employees. Therefore, adhering to these regulations is necessary, as any deviation will lead to compliance issues and massive penalties. The Indian Constitution grants the Central and state governments the powers […]

Subsidiaries in India

India is progressing at a fast pace to become one of the most attractive business destinations globally. The pro-business policies, investment opportunities, and inviting foreign companies to collaborate on domestic projects are a few moves to project India as a business-friendly country. Furthermore, the Indian laws and regulations allow foreign companies to open subsidiaries in […]

Work Permit in India

Work Permit in India

Why is Work Permit Needed? A work visa is a legal document that authorizes your entry and stay in India. Work permit in India for foreigners has very stringent stipulations in place. India has witnessed illegal migration for work for decades, and the government, as a result, is very strict about foreign presence in the […]