Background verification & Employment Screening in Ireland

Hiring the right candidate for your business is filled with trial and error. Your hunt for the perfect candidate goes beyond the polished résumés and scripted answers. To hire a better fit for your business, you must have a pre-screening and approval procedure that would help you zero in on the right candidate. The Irish […]

Setting Up A Subsidiary In Ireland

Due to favourable laws encouraging high ease of doing business, setting up a subsidiary in Ireland is relatively seamless. If businesses have a comprehensive understanding of incorporation of  a foreign subsidiary in Ireland, registering for taxes and compliance, then the process is pretty straightforward.  This article will cover all you need to know about establishing […]

Doing Business With an Ireland PEO

Ireland is a popular business location for several multinationals due to low corporate taxes and liberal employment laws. The country has consistently ranked high in the Ease of Doing Business Index and Ease of Starting a Business Index.  Ireland’s robust banking infrastructure is another advantage for companies to expand into Ireland. Accounting and Finance contribute  […]

Opening A Sole Proprietorship In Ireland

Ireland’s rise as an economic powerhouse can be attributed to the low corporate taxes, ease of starting a business, and pro-free trade governments. However, the contribution of sole proprietors in Ireland to the economy is less known.  People starting a sole proprietorship in Ireland are one of the biggest beneficiaries of Ireland’s business-friendly policies, enabling […]

Ireland Labor Laws

Compliance is key when hiring employees from across borders. Employers must stay aware of local labor laws and regulations to ensure their hiring and recruitment practices are compliant with employment laws. Similarly, employers hiring talent in Ireland must stay cognizant of Irish labor laws to provide a seamless onboarding experience. Particularly, employers based outside Ireland, […]

Understanding Payroll In Ireland

Understanding how to process payroll in Ireland is crucial when starting a business in the emerald isle. Notably, the Irish workforce is highly educated and thus is completely aware of salary laws, minimum wages, and payroll deductions.  Thus it is crucial to accurately calculate payroll and pay employees or risk high employee turnover and dissatisfaction. […]

Benefits and Compensation in Ireland

Ireland’s high literacy rates and robust social security programs one of the most important reasons why employers should learn about benefits and compensation in Ireland.  While a high literacy rate enables employees to be well aware of local compensation laws and benchmarks, the social security programs ensure employees are fully covered in vulnerable situations such […]

How to Hire in Ireland?

How to Start a Business in Ireland

Lately, Ireland’s competitive talent has inspired the question, “how to hire talent in Ireland” among employers worldwide.  With literacy rate at 99% and a significant number of postgraduate degree holders, Ireland occupies an noteworthy position as a talent hub for businesses. Companies can also suitably expand into more lucrative consumer markets in Europe by tapping […]

How to Start a Business in Ireland

How to Start a Business in Ireland

The Emerald Isle is home to some of the biggest companies in Ireland.  The island nation boasts the presence of Apple, Amazon, and KPMG and is touted as the Silicon Valley of Europe.  This is not due to a stroke of luck. Irish governments have always been pro-business and have advocated several business-friendly policies such […]