Background Checks / Employee Screening In Japan

Japan is an attractive business destination for many foreign investors, given its stable economy accounting for about 10% of the global economy. It also has the biggest stock exchange in Asia. While the Japanese government has introduced several laws to ease Foreign Direct Investments (FDIs), the strict legislature surrounding employee background screening in Japan may […]

Payroll In Japan

Japan has a strong industrial workforce and remains one of today’s largest economies. The country has a GDP per capita of US$ 40,193.3 and offers ample opportunities for both local and foreign businesses. With the 10th largest population globally, the country boasts a well-educated workforce and has built one of the most significant consumer markets. The Asian […]

Benefits & Compensation In Japan

What are Employee Benefits? Employee benefits refer to the employee’s compensation as part of the employment contract. Also known as fringe benefits, these perks typically come in packages that include medical insurance, overtime pay, leaves, holidays, retirement benefits, etc.  Employee benefits can be both monetary and non-monetary. While financial benefits include cash incentives and bonuses, […]

How To Hire In Japan

Japan currently stands to be the third-largest economy globally, exceeding $5 trillion in 2019. This growth’s heart is constant cooperation between technological advancements and government. Such exponential growth makes Japan a perfect market to expand your business. Hiring employees in Japan comes with great potential and unique challenges. While language is a barrier, the highly competitive market […]

Starting Business In Japan

Business Opportunities in Japan Japan is a major consumer center with a market-driven economy ideal for ventures and opportunities. Global economists predict that Japan will have a GDP of US$5.6 trillion, making it the third-largest economy in the world in 2024. It currently accounts for about 10% of the global economy and has the largest […]

Employment Act / Labor Laws In Japan

Employment laws or “labor laws” provide a formal structure that frames the relationship between employers and employees in the job sphere. These laws are created to protect the rights of employees because in most countries – including Japan – there is an asymmetric distribution of power amongst the employers and the employees. Therefore, without labor […]

Japan PEO – Employer Of Record

Doing Business With a Japan PEO – EOR Japan is the third-largest economy in the world, with a per capita GDP of US$ 40,193.3. The developed economy of the country offers numerous opportunities to businesses to expand and diversify their verticals. Moreover, Japan’s dedication to quality, innovation, and global outlook make it a top destination for business […]

Subsidiaries In Japan

A subsidiary is a local entity of a company with headquarters in a different country. A foreign subsidiary’s designation depends on the parent company’s ownership percentage.  Usually, parent companies of subsidiaries own more than 50% of the controlling interest of the subsidiary’s stock. However, when the parent company has full stock ownership, it becomes a […]

Sole Proprietorship In Japan

One of the most developed countries globally, Japan’s economy is unique in its ways. Having a strong-willed and highly educated industrial workforce, the country has become one of the most stable financial powerhouses in the Asia-Pacific region. Japan is an excellent spot for those who plan to start and expand a business globally. It is […]