Work Permit in Kenya

Why is Work Permit Needed? In the last few years, Kenya has issued strict immigration laws for foreigners to obtain work permits and visas for working in the country. From submitting applications to limiting the number of hired foreign employees in favor of Kenyans, the native companies have to abide by the country’s policies. This […]

Employment Background Check In Kenya

Kenya is a hub of the skilled and young population as 75% of the population is under the age of 35. Employers expanding their businesses in Kenya can hire talents from the country without much difficulty if they understand Kenya’s employment regulations.  Revised Employment Act, 2012 of Kenyan Constitution, 2010 offers protection for all working […]

Payroll In Kenya

Kenya’s location and young population make it a great place to expand businesses and enter the African market. It is the third-largest economy in Sub-Saharan Africa, having major industries in agriculture, mining, manufacturing, tourism, financial services, and energy.  Employers who want to expand business operations in Kenya can consider hiring talents here. Undoubtedly, hiring globally […]

Compensation And Benefits In Kenya

Kenya has a population of 50.92 million (as of 2022) with a median age of 20.1 years. It is a growing country with a pool of talents that employers can hire. However, there are many factors a candidate considers while choosing one company over another as an employer Employee benefits is one such factor that […]

Starting A Business In Kenya

Kenya’s strategic location in East Africa has always attracted foreign investors from all over the globe. Since 2000, Kenya has been prioritizing private sector-led economic growth and making the country more business-friendly for native and foreign businesses.  In 2007, the Kenyan Government announced the country’s development plan for the next 23 years with ‘Vision 2030’. […]