Background Checks / Employee Screening Malaysia

Malaysia is a flourishing economy in Southeast Asia with a GDP of 337 billion USD. An attractive destination for businesses looking to expand overseas, Malaysia is the gateway to the vast Asia-Pacific market. Besides, the excellent infrastructure and connectivity, political stability, dynamic workforce, and a favorable regulatory environment contribute to the pro-business climate of Malaysia.  If […]

Payroll In Malaysia

Malaysia is a thriving economy with a per capita GDP of 10,412.3 USD. Surrounded by Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, and the Philippines, Malaysia occupies a strategic location as a gateway to the rest of Southeast Asia. As one of the leading economies in the region, Malaysia is a premier choice for investors and businesses looking to expand […]

Benefits & Compensation In Malaysia

What are Employee Benefits? Employee benefits are benefits or perks offered to the employers over their incomes. Most nations guarantee several employee benefits through legislations, such as maternity leaves, minimum wages, retirement funds, medical insurance, and so on.  Offering employee benefits in Malaysia ensures that talented employees are retained in the company.  Employee benefits also […]

How To Hire Malaysia

Malaysia lies in southeast Asia, and the country is known for its culture and diversity alongside a plethora of features that make the country an attractive destination for the business sector. With an estimated GDP of $415.375 billion, Malaysia is quickly growing, and as of 2021, the nation ranks as the 34th most competitive country […]

Starting Business In Malaysia

Business Opportunities in Malaysia Malaysia has an educated, ethnic, and culturally diverse population of 32 million that provides a cheap workforce. With a lower rate of corporate income taxes, developed infrastructure, and a flexible banking system, Malaysia is the 2nd most developed and competitive country in Southeast Asia. It ranked 12th globally in Ease of […]

Sole Proprietorship In Malaysia

Who Can be a Sole Proprietor in Malaysia? Setting up a sole proprietorship in Malaysia is quite easy since this business entity is one of the most simple and legal business structures. In Malaysia, the Companies Commission of Malaysia (Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia) and the Registration of Businesses Act 1956 control and define sole proprietorships in the country. Sole […]

Employment Act / Labor Laws In Malaysia

Malaysia’s thriving economy and the business-friendly climate attract global investors and organizations. On the one hand, Malaysia provides access to the vast and expansive Asia-Pacific market. On the other, the country’s excellent infrastructure, communication links, talented workforce, and diverse culture make it an ideal destination for growth and innovation. However, setting up a business entity there requires […]

Subsidiaries In Malaysia

Subsidiary companies in Malaysia are business entities owned by a foreign company. This business entity has parent organizations, or a holding company, holding more than 50% of the company’s shares. Other than a few strategic and business sectors, even 100% foreign ownership is possible with the approval of the Malaysian Foreign Investment Committee.  A subsidiary […]

Doing business with a Malaysian PEO/EOR

Malaysia’s ever-developing economy has been a promising enterprise for investors seeking to enter the Asian market. They have ranked 36th in the International Monetary Fund (IMF) 2021 survey and are now the 4th largest economy in Southeast Asia.  The country’s merit is all due to its openness to trading. Their export services have provided jobs to its […]