Payroll In Mauritius

Mauritius has come a long way since its independence. The country is classified as an upper-middle-income economy and is ranked 13th out of 190 for ease of doing business. It is transforming into a lucrative business destination, and several companies are now setting up their subsidiaries in Mauritius. Mauritius is ranked 45th in the Prosperity […]

Benefits & Compensation In Mauritius

What Are Employee Benefits? Employee benefits are extra perks and benefits that employers give their staff members in addition to the base pay. Depending on the employer and corporate policies, these additional benefits may be monetary or non-monetary. The labor laws of Mauritius ensure that workers receive supplementary benefits like health insurance, minimum salaries, paid […]

How To Hire In Mauritius

Mauritius is a tropical country located in West Africa, abundant in its tourist attractions, which make it a top holiday destination. Considered as one of the most business-friendly countries in the sub-Saharan region, it has been awarded the pole position in the Mo Ibrahim Index for Overall Governance in Africa for 10 years. Over the […]

Mauritius Employment Act/Labor Law

Mauritius is recognized as an upper-middle-income economy by the World Bank. It is made possible by balancing employer interests with that of improving local working conditions for employees.  The labor code in Mauritius defines several rules and regulations of a workplace. There are 11 Schedules in the 2019 Workers’ Rights Act that is used to […]

Sole Proprietorship In Mauritius

Mauritius is one of the most suitable environments to set up your business. It has a stable government, an excellent tax structure, and incentives for investments, making it a lucrative atmosphere to start your own business.   Mauritius enjoys a favorable position in the latest Doing Business ranking issued by the World Bank. As an island […]

Employee Screening In Mauritius

Mauritius ranks 13th on the Ease of Doing Business Index 2019. This opens greater opportunities for employers to expand their business in Mauritius while following local regulations and responsible hiring practices.    Responsible hiring processes include a background check as well. Around 46% of resumes have discrepancies between the information provided by the candidate and the […]

Doing Business With a Mauritius PEO/EOR

Mauritius appeals to entrepreneurs for a variety of reasons. In various categories, including trading across borders, social and political stability, excellent governance, economic equality, and ICT growth, the island is ideal for conducting business amongst African countries.  Reliant on the growth of the sugar, textile, finance, communication, and real estate industries, Mauritius has a strong […]