Doing Business With a Netherlands PEO/EOR

The Netherlands is a one-stop destination to start a business. This can be attributed to trade liberalization here because of its exposure to international commerce and investment. Furthermore, the Netherlands is one of Europe’s most prized start-up hotspots owing to the rise in successful entrepreneurship initiatives. So, if you wish to capitalize on the Netherlands’ […]

Starting Business In The Netherlands

Business Opportunities in the Netherlands Entrepreneurs worldwide view setting up a company in the Netherlands as a lucrative investment. Numerous small and mid-sized Fortune 500 companies operate in the Netherlands. It boasts of a vibrant economic climate enabled by advanced technology, innovation, and infrastructure. It is home to a large pool of well-educated workforce and […]

Subsidiaries In The Netherlands

The Netherlands is a perfect destination for business expansion, owing to its pro-business culture. Hence, foreign companies eagerly set up their subsidiaries or branch offices in the Netherlands to access the European market. The taxation of foreign subsidiaries in the Netherlands is straightforward, making it even more convenient for employers to set up subsidiaries.. If […]

Employment Law In The Netherlands

Any entrepreneur or global employer may hire skilled talent in the Netherlands after making a complete sense of the local employment rules or labor laws.  Multiple authorities and bodies demand that employers comply with labor codes in the Netherlands. There may be consequences for businesses violating these laws, usually government fines or even license revocation. […]

Employee Screening In The Netherlands

Companies worldwide must adopt responsible hiring practices, which include employee background checks. Screening employees’ history allows recruiters to understand whether they are a good fit for the company. More importantly, background checks help HR staff make informed hiring decisions.  Like many countries, companies can legally conduct employee screening in the Netherlands. A thorough background check […]

How To Hire Employees In The Netherlands?

The Netherlands invites global employers to benefit from its open trade policies. The country is home to some of the fastest-growing industries like IT and Technology, Creative Media, Chemicals, Energy, Food, Logistics, Water & Maritime.  This guide elaborates on how to hire employees in the Netherlands and shall benefit employers with a vision to capture […]

Ultimate Guide to Set Up Sole Proprietorship In The Netherlands

Be it a sole proprietorship in the Netherlands (eenmanszaak), a private limited company (bv), a Commercial partnership (vof), a Public partnership (maatschap), or even a Cooperative, businesses are open to choosing any legal structure.  The choice between the various legal structures for businesses in the Netherlands has everything to do with taxes, liability, and the […]

Benefits And Compensation In The Netherlands

What are Employee Benefits? Employee benefits are perks and benefits provided by companies to their employees over their regular salary. These additional perks may be financial or non-financial, depending upon the employer and company provisions. Most countries’ labor laws guarantee additional benefits for employees, such as health insurance, minimum wages, paid vacation, retirement funds, maternity […]

Payroll In The Netherlands

The Netherlands is a perfect destination to expand your business into European territories. Employers can hire top talent for their foreign subsidiaries thanks to the diverse multilingual talent pool, large consumer market, and easy access to a highly-skilled migrant permit in the Netherlands. However, when employing people, employers must set up an industry-standard payroll process […]