Payroll in Peru

Processing payroll on time should be carried out by businesses monthly.  Payroll management can be challenging for several businesses considering factors such as calculating consolidated hours worked, determining and processing annual compensation, overtime pay, and payroll taxes. This is especially true when you employ a global team. If you are looking to hire Peruvian employees […]

Employment Act and Labor Laws In Peru

The Republic of Peru is known for its emerging economy with major industries such as mineral mining, petrochemicals, textiles, tourism, and construction. With a steadily increasing percentage of a young, skilled, and educated working population in these industries, the Peruvian workforce has attracted several foreign businesses to expand their teams. Due to this, the labor […]

How To Hire In Peru

Peru is an economy known for its young, highly diverse, skilled, educated, and dynamic workforce in the services, manufacturing, and tourism industries.  It also boasts a skilled and educated workforce of commodity exporters contributing to the growing demand for global companies.  With such a vibrant labor market, Peruvian employees have been in demand for global […]