Payroll in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is a small territory on the Caribbean Islands that comes under the jurisdiction of the United States of America. It is an ideal country for setting up a business as it has proximity to some of the strongest economies like the United States, Mexico, Canada, etc. Hence, companies can access a vast market […]

Benefits and Compensation in Puerto Rico

What are Employee Benefits? Employee benefits are the additional perks offered to employees by their employers. These benefits are a part of the compensation structure and aim to maintain employees’ job satisfaction. The nature of  benefits’ nature is decided per the company’s policy. It can be monetary or non-monetary, depending upon the compensation package and […]

Setting Up A Sole Proprietorship In Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is an unincorporated island territory of the United States of America, yet it has its republican form of government. Economically, the US territory is a hotbed for business innovations, with the largest economy by GDP in the Caribbean.  The Commonwealth of Puerto Rico inherits nearly 6+ decades of excellence in bioscience and offers […]

How To Hire In Puerto Rico

Located on the northeastern part of the Caribbean Sea, south of Florida is the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. Besides being unincorporated, the archipelago country is disenfranchised. Since the 20th century began, the island nation has seen massive developments thanks to the Puerto Rico Industrial Development Company’s efforts and the US Government. Today, the country is […]

Background Checks In Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is a Caribbean island transitioning from an agricultural economy to a modern industrial and services-oriented economy. With a potential Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of 109.20 USD billion, investments in the unincorporated U.S. territory, Puerto Rico, are ably supported by a talented pool of skilled local workforce.  Companies seeking talented and experienced employees in […]

Labor Laws In Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is a growing hub of entrepreneurial activities. Recent investments in STEM have resulted in a tech boom in the island’s economy post-depression following the devastating Hurricane Maria in 2017 and the pandemic in 2020.  Any entrepreneur will find it easier to hire employees with or without registering a business entity in Puerto Rico. […]

Subsidiaries In Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is close to some of the world’s most prominent markets, like the U.S., Mexico, etc. As the country is accessible from the most prosperous nations, you can set up a subsidiary in Puerto Rico to service all these countries.  Puerto Rico is ranked 65th out of 190 countries in the Ease of Doing […]