Doing Business With A Spain PEO/EOR

Spain’s strong culture and pro-employee laws are common reasons for seeking out a Professional Employer Organization (PEO). Despite numerous economic hurdles over the past decade, Spain has shown impressive growth. Currently, they’re ranked highly in infrastructure and continue to lead the EU in worldwide exports. A PEO can be invaluable if you’re considering the country […]

Starting A Business In Spain

Spain is one of the most promising economies in the world. It is an important part of the European Union (EU) and significantly impacts global trade. With a rise in the manufacturing and services sector and growing employment, Spain is a dependable nation for long-term business growth. Spain is a popular destination for investors due […]

Benefits And Compensation In Spain

When you want to build your workforce in Spain, offering reasonable benefits and compensation packages is imperative. The Spanish laws mandate employers to offer these plans to promote employee well-being. Furthermore, you must comply with the rules and regulations while offering such plans. This guide will help you understand various aspects of benefits and compensation […]

How To Hire In Spain

Spain has a developed economy, with a dominating service sector. Even though the country experienced a financial crisis and recession over the last decade, it is now the world’s 14th largest economy. Tourism, manufacturing, agriculture, energy and power, and the external commerce industry are the primary industries in Spain. In Spain, 65.62% of the population is within […]

Work Permit in Spain

Why is Work Permit Needed? The procedure to acquire a Spain work visa is lengthy due to their restricted policies for foreign nationals. To legally work in Spain, foreign nationals require a valid work permit and work visa issued by the Immigration authorities of the country. In addition, the local employer has to apply for […]

Sole Proprietorship In Spain


Spain is one of the most desirable business destinations due to its significant role in the European Union (EU) and proximity to other strong economies, viz. UK, Italy, France and Germany. The country came 31st in the World Ease of Doing Business report by the World Bank in 2019. Hence, there has been a rise […]

Employment Act And Labor Laws In Spain


The Spanish labor law is extensive and offers significant employee protection. These laws oversee the individual and collaborative relationships between the employer and employees. Furthermore, the scope of these laws extends to social security, health, safety and special employment relationships. The Workers’ Statute, also known as Estatuto de los Trabajadores governs many facets of individual […]

Payroll In Spain


As you contemplate starting a business in Spain, you must also consider payroll-related directions as per the Spanish labor law. Inconsistencies during payment processing and management can land you in legal troubles. Another challenge is calculating the payroll as you have to gather a lot of information, compute various elements and maintain invoices. Furthermore, there […]

Subsidiaries In Spain


Spain is a business-friendly and economically strong nation that welcomes foreign companies. Over the years, many corporations have established a presence owing to the simple business setup methods, deep talent pool and easy access to other European markets. You can establish a local subsidiary if you wish to expand your business in Spain. The Spanish […]