Benefits & Compensation In Tanzania

What are Employee Benefits? Employee benefits are additional perks companies offered to the employees’ apart from basic salary. These benefits can be monetary or non-monetary as decided by the company’s policy.  Companies add employee benefits to the employees’ compensation structure to increase job satisfaction. Tanzania’s compensation and benefits policy also helps employers retain the best […]

Employment Background Check In Tanzania

Tanzania is transitioning from a command economy to a market economy. As per the World Bank’s report, Tanzania’s GDP is expected to reach 4.5% -5.5% in 2022. The government aims to be a middle-income economy by 2025 by increasing engagement in the private sector. This opens doors to great opportunities for businesses globally to hire […]

How To Hire Employees In Tanzania?

Tanzania presents an exciting opportunity for global businesses to invest and incorporate a subsidiary or branch in the country. With the urbanization rate at 36% in 2021, the East African coastal country is planning to achieve middle-income status by 2025.  As any business expands, they’re likely to find and onboard more employees to continue its […]