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Ease of use

Multiplier 92%

Quality of Support

Multiplier 93%

Ease of Setup

Multiplier 91%

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Why choose Multiplier over Velocity Global

Cost of Ownership

Total cost of ownership

Experience an optimized total cost of ownership with an Employer of Record priced smartly for different wage markets across the world.

Easy Implementation

Easiest to implement

Rated the #1 easiest to implement EOR three times in a row, you can hit the ground running in a few days with Multiplier. Say goodbye to processes that delay your total set-up time.

Humanized Support

Our technology, your advantage

We ensure that our clients have easy access, visibility, and control to confidently manage their overseas employees with our intuitive and comprehensive platform.

Unmatched benefits

Offer your overseas employees top-class, customized, and comprehensive insurance coverage, no matter where they are based — Manila or California.

Total cost of ownership

with Multiplier

With Multiplier, you save $68750 or upto 76% in savings.


Velocity Global

Number of employees: 80

See how we compare

Onboarding an overseas employee need not take days or weeks. Our onboarding specialists guide you and your employees every step of the way, from contract generation to employee activation. The best part? You can create a locally compliant contract in under 5 minutes — we timed it!

Instant contract generationAvailableNot available
Dedicated Employee Onboarding Manager for every employee onboardedAvailableNot available
Real-time onboarding status that can be tracked on the platform & visibility of pending actionsAvailableNot available

With 99.95% payroll accuracy on G2, Multiplier is high above industry standards. Our team of multi-country payroll experts, combined with a seamless unified platform, delivers an accurate, transparent, and user-friendly payroll experience.

Automated payroll input and output view AvailableNot available
Payroll report summary and detailed payroll breakdown on the platform (every pay cycle)AvailableNot available

Ever wanted a global partner that gets your needs? With Multiplier, we’re talking expertise, speed, ease of use, and all that matters — on a single dashboard. Velocity Global provides a basic technology platform that limits your control and visibility into critical employee functions.

Highest score (8.82) for ease of implementation on G2AvailableNot available
Resources such as salary calculator, offer guides, holiday calendar, equipment service, etc AvailableNot available
Intuitive self-serve workflows for onboarding, payroll, salary revision, expenses, time off, insurance, & offboardingAvailableNot available

Don’t pay higher-than-average fees for a mediocre experience. Velocity Global’s management fee is more than the employees’ salaries in certain countries. With Multiplier, you can save up to 70% in payroll costs.

Straight-forward pricingAvailableNot available
Employer of RecordStarts at $400 per employee per monthHigher monthly fee that decreases with the number of employees onboarded
Independent ContractorsStarts at $40 per contractor per monthNot publicly disclosed

Multiplier is localized by design from day one. What does that mean, you ask? We impact your speed in employing global talent with the largest vertically integrated local entity network.

Direct entities 10463
Localised insurance plans of global standards that can be selected from the platformAvailableNot available
Laptops & other IT accessoriesAvailableNot available

Disclaimer: The data on this page was collected as of June 6th, 2024, and is subject to change or update. Cost calculations are based on publicly available costs as of the date mentioned above.

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