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Choosing our SaaS based PEO/EOR Solution enables you to build and manage 100% pure remote teams and expand into new markets 90% faster.

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What is Global HR Outsourcing?

Global HR outsourcing is the process of offloading global HR tasks – onboarding, payroll, taxes, benefits – to a third party. Companies partner with Global HR outsourcing solutions to gain expert help and international HR infrastructure from the third party company.

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With an international HR service provider, businesses can easily enter new markets and tap the local customer base with ease. By outsourcing your global HR, you remove hiring and onboarding obstacles. Thus, you spend more time focussing on direct-revenue generating activities and growth.

Multiplier’s international PEO can act as your global HR service provider. Our SaaS based PEO solution allows you to offload onboarding, payroll and benefits to us while you take care of burgeoning into a new market.

Our technology automates all global HR functions reducing them to a few clicks. Onboard new talent in under 24 hours in over 170 countries. Pay them in one click in 120+ currencies.

Instead of partnering with individual vendors across several countries, use Multiplier to manage your global workforce from one single dashboard.

Global HR Management software – Features

Local presence in over 170+ countries: What is the use of a robust global HR management if you do not have the local infrastructure to support it? Multiplier’s presence in 170+ countries (40 of our local own entities) enables you to employ foreign talent using our Employer of Record.

Onboard talent in a matter of minutes: Onboarding is a crucial and risky fare. Gallup found that 88% of employees feel companies do not provide an engaging onboarding experience. Gallup also reported that employees are 2.6x times likely to stay with the company on account of good onboarding.

When onboarding talent cross-border, employers must care for many issues such as compliance, language barriers and employment contracts. A global HR management software enables you to onboard employees compliantly in minutes.

Multiplier has automated all processes starting from employing talent to generating employment contracts for your new hire to a paltry six clicks.

One-click payrollPaying global teams demands meticulous attention. Even seasoned finance and payroll teams can recollect horrific memories of payment related errors. Sending salaries to the wrong bank accounts and failing  to account for currency conversion charges is only the tip of the payroll horror iceberg.

Multiplier’s one click global HR and payroll solution makes international payments mind-numbingly simple. With our Employer of Record, you can pay employees in their local currency.

Multi-lingual contracts: One of the biggest hassles of global hiring is generating clear and compliant employment contracts.  When building and managing global teams, you have two options to deal with this – consult experts or partner with a global HR solution.

Countries like India, USA, China provide the world with several hundred million skilled laborers. However, hiring is not easy here. All these countries have varying laws at the federal level and state-level. In China, payroll varies with the city!

Acquiring expert help every time you enter a new country is not feasible. A global HR provider like Multiplier can help.

Our SaaS -based global employment platform helps you generate compliant employment contracts in seconds. Our 1000+ local experts stay abreast of changing local labor and payroll laws thus ensuring every employment contract is compliant with the rules of the land. Our global HR experts turn every complex foreign turf into a friendly playground.

Invoices: The most preferred method to tap foreign talent is by sourcing contractors and freelancers. However, several employers face struggles while paying them. If a global payroll solution can save them, tracking their expenses using spreadsheets and managing invoices is a literal headache.

Multiplier’s users are provided a single monthly invoice for all their global employees.

Timesheets & Expenses: A global HR management software should feature tracking features as well. With employees from varying time zones, tracking work times  and expenses using traditional spreadsheets would be counterproductive.

Multiplier’s global HR platform features a timesheet tracking feature to manage your global workforce from a single window. The expense tracking feature tracks the expense requests raised by your teams as well.

How is Global HR services relatable to PEO services

International HR outsourcing and partnering with a Professional Employer Organization have their differences.

A global HR outsourcing company facilitates employers by  sharing a specific responsibility. Contrastingly, a PEO acts as a co-employer. The latter offloads entire HR responsibilities such as payroll, onboarding and benefits from your business.

In the view of global HR, both organizations manage HR administrative tasks and reduce your costs related to global employment, onboarding and benefits.

The only difference between the two parties is their level of involvement. HR outsourcing companies help as a global HR company by offloading a specific HR task.

However, a PEO helps you offload the entire international HR process and tasks to them, while you focus on growth-related activities.

For instance, a Professional Employer Organization provides the following benefits administrative services:

  1. Negotiations with carriers
  2.  Employee enrollment
  3. Legal notifications
  4. COBRA administration

Why is International HR Outsourcing Beneficial?

The main advantages of outsourcing international HR are related to costs and expertise and risk management

Spend more time on core business activities: HR tasks, without the right expertise, can be difficult to perform, Activities such as recruitment, onboarding, compensation and benefits can be tedious, Choosing the right global HR platform can help you manage these tasks better at lesser costs.

For instance, our users were able to build fully stacked global remote teams in under a month.

Save costs: Although HR is a strategic task they do not directly contribute to revenue. Global HR cannot be done seamlessly without the help of specialists. By partnering with a global HR solution you can save on: salary and training of HR teams, payroll, recruitment, benefits etc.

A global HR company which is also a PEO can help you offer your employees homogeneous benefits that are relevant to their local needs. PEOs can offer the scalability to offer benefits of Fortune 500 companies at lower costs.

Smooth market entry and exit: Thanks to technology such as cloud and AI many global HR providers offer services of an EOR and PEO at scale. Partnering with such global HR companies cum EORs such as Multiplier has its merits.

As your Employer of Record, we assume responsibility for your foreign hire. Thus, we effectively become legal employers of your hire while you manage their day-day operations.

This means that you can expand into any country risk-free ; hire employees, manage them, pay them without legal liabilities. As your global HR and EOR partner we will take care of all their taxes and benefits. If you wish to leave the market or end their employment, we ensure all exit processes are smooth and compliant to local labor laws.

How can International HR outsourcing Reduce Costs?

Managing global HR is expensive and complicated. However, that hasn’t deterred any company from expanding rapidly and with confidence. A company that needs to scale, with the right partners, scales effectively.

Managing international HR in-house is associated with a lot of costs and expenses. To paint a picture, the cost of hiring a graduate HR amounts to more than $54,000 annually.

Imagine the cost of hiring a seasoned expert with a can-do attitude and expertise to vouch for your global HR and operations needs.

Moreover, hiring such seasoned professionals takes time – you may lose out on opportunity costs while looking for the right fit.

This is why even the entrenched companies seek an international HR partner. The money they save on salaries, benefits packages and physical workspace simply by having less in-house.

Another key benefit to outsourcing is the flexibility to choose short or long-term arrangements, which allows your company to grow its way into new markets—without a large upfront investment in HR.

Remove Complexities in Global HR with Multiplier

It can be challenging to set up an entity in foreign countries and hire an employee. Without the hassle of setting up a subsidiary, we can help you onboard your preferred candidate, handle HR issues and payroll, and ensure compliance with local law.

And this at a very minimal cost and time.

We ensure that your employee(s) are onboarded, managed and paid compliantly. We also set up their statutory local benefits enabling them to get their best employee experience while letting you focus on the core business.

Hiring and onboarding using Multiplier ensures you hire remote talent with locally compliant, fool-proof job contracts, offer emphatic benefits and disburse salaries accurately with absolutely nil errors in payrolls.

Hiring and onboarding using Multiplier ensures you hire remote talent with locally compliant, fool-proof job contracts, offer emphatic benefits and disburse salaries accurately with absolutely nil errors in payrolls.​

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