Background Checks / Employee Screening In Austria

Setting up a business in Austria is an attractive proposition for organizations looking to expand in Europe. Austria ranks 27 out of 190 countries in the Ease of Doing Business Index published by the World Bank and is expected to be 24th by the end of 2023. In addition, the country has a strategic geographical location at […]

Payroll In Austria

Austria is an economy known to have one of the most skilled, talented, and educated workforces in several industries, which include mechanical engineering, steel construction, luxury commodities, the food industry, and vehicle manufacturing industries. This has attracted global businesses to hire their workforce from Austria. However, when hiring an Austrian workforce, it is important to […]

Benefits And Compensation In Austria

Austria is an economy known for its skilled, educated, and extremely talented workforce, especially in the industries that include mechanical engineering, steel construction, food, and luxury commodities, and chemical and vehicle manufacturing industries. Due to such growing industries, businesses globally have focused on hiring Austrian employees to join their teams. However, businesses need to offer […]

Starting A Business In Austria

Business Opportunities in Austria Austria holds the 12th position among the European nations regarding prosperity, and its strategic location in Europe’s heart further attracts foreign business owners. It is a wealthy nation with a GDP per capita of USD 48,586.  Austria’s location and highly developed transportation services offer most companies easy access to the entire […]

Employment Act And Labor Laws In Austria

Like most members of the European Union, Austria has a comprehensive employment policy ensuring broad rights, protection, and benefits for all employees in the country. The labor code of Austria is well-structured, easy to follow, and combines Austrian and European Union legislation elements.  This results in the formulation of unique rules, such as collective bargaining agreements and […]

How To Hire In Austria

The flourishing economy of Austria makes it an attractive destination for businesses aiming to expand overseas. Austria’s prime location allows you to conduct business smoothly with the rest of Europe and provides connectivity to global business centers.  The availability of a skilled workforce, robust infrastructure, social security, and high quality of life reinforce Austria’s position […]

Sole Proprietorship In Austria

Austria has a robust economy supporting different industries. In particular, small and medium enterprises form the backbone of the Austrian economy, comprising about 99.6% of all companies. The self-employment rate in the country was reported at 11.85% as of 2020. Despite the disparity, Austria has a booming business environment – it ranks 27 among 190 nations in the World […]

Austria PEO – Employer of Record

Doing Business With an Austria PEO – EOR Austria’s geographical location at the heart of Europe provides employers access to several EU markets. Austria is a good choice for business expansion due to its tax-friendly incentives, including group taxation schemes, research tax credits, etc. Furthermore, being the fourth richest country among the EU nations, Austria […]

Subsidiary In Austria

Austria is one of the most lucrative and attractive markets for business. Its geographical location is an excellent investment center providing access to the local market. Furthermore, the country’s GDP per Capita (current US$) has been on a sharp rise since the 1970s, yet another factor that attracts overseas businesses. If you plan on expanding business in […]