Subsidiaries In Nigeria

Nigeria is the biggest economy in Africa and shows the fastest growth prospects than any other African country. Services sector accounts for nearly 50% of total GDP, with Information and Communication services at the top. There are also excellent opportunities in Wholesale & Retail services, Financial & Insurance services for global businesses in Nigeria.  Any […]

Background Checks / Employee Screening In Nigeria

Nigeria is the second-fastest growing economy in Africa, making it a potential market for international business expansion.  If you plan to grow your business operations in Nigeria, you need to recruit employees. Hiring employees in a foreign nation involves multiple steps. Performing employee background checks is one of those crucial steps applicable when hiring local […]

Sole Proprietorship In Nigeria

When it comes to sole proprietorship, the complete authority of running the business lies with a single owner. Sole proprietorship in Nigeria is one of the simplest business forms, as one person controls all business operations. Self-employed people, like freelancers, are also included in the sole proprietorship category.  Setting up a sole proprietorship in Nigeria […]

Nigeria PEO/EOR

Doing Business With a Nigeria PEO/EOR Nigeria is an economy known for its young and skilled workforce, vibrant business culture, business, and employment-friendly regulations, and government support for business expansion. These factors have made Nigeria an ideal destination for business expansion and employment. While Nigeria holds immense potential for foreign investors, establishing a business here […]

Starting A Business In Nigeria

Starting A Business In Nigeria

Business Opportunities in Nigeria Nigeria is Africa’s most powerful economy with the largest population. It is a prominent member of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS). Hence, it enjoys the benefits of customs duty exemptions. Also, Nigerian firms can benefit from the ECOWAS’ 15 member nations’ free trade agreement.  Every year, Nigeria draws […]