Empowering Global Talent Strategy: Mindvalley's Success with Multiplier

Mindvalley is a titan in the ed-tech space, headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, with 250+ employees. Mindvalley provides high-quality courses that encompass lessons on personal development and techniques to empower individuals to unlock their full potential. On its online platform, learners can find courses taught by world-class instructors and thought leaders on a diverse range of subjects like personal growth, spirituality, health, wellness, entrepreneurship, and more.


Onboarded employees


Countries across the globe


Global compliance





Company Size

251-500 Employees




Educational technology (Edtech)



The Challenge

For Mindvalley, expanding across borders is an essential growth strategy. The edtech company’s ambitious international growth strategy encompassed hiring from a global talent pool. Mindvalley initially opened local entities to tap into the local talent pool, but it was time-consuming and costly. To counter this, Mindvalley explored the EOR route to hiring cross-border talent. 

“In our quest for an ideal solution provider, a key requirement was establishing direct contact with EORs. After having worked with a few EORs, we understand that there are third party network partners involved. However, our primary objective was to ensure direct communication channels, minimizing the number of stages involved when conveying information to our employees.”

– Nik Mahirah Nik Mohammad

People Operations Manager at Mindvalley


Mindvalley wanted to engage with a single EOR provider that owned their infrastructure especially in places they wanted to hire in. 

The Solution

People and Operations Leaders can greatly benefit from having a centralized solution to handle their global hiring needs. Mindvalley discovered the perfect answer in Multiplier—a SaaS-based Employer of Record (EOR) platform. With Multiplier, they are able to streamline and simplify the onboarding and management of their distributed employees, making the entire employment life cycle more efficient and effective.


Value Proposition:

  • Direct Entities/Wholly-owned infrastructure 
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Competitive Pricing

The Evaluation

Mindvalley discovered a scalable solution in Multiplier, which perfectly aligned with their expansion goals. Recognizing Multiplier as a singular EOR provider equipped with extensive global entities and infrastructure, capable of facilitating hires from over 150 countries, Mindvalley found it an exceptionally fitting match for their requirements. 


Additionally, the invaluable feature of Multiplier’s instant contract generation played a pivotal role in Mindvalley’s decision-making process. The prospect of significantly reducing their time-to-hire while ensuring a seamless overall experience made this attribute an absolute game-changer. Mindvalley also benefited from the dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM) assigned to promptly address any inquiries, offering remarkable response times. This level of support enabled Mindvalley to swiftly resolve any initial concerns, establishing a smooth and efficient partnership.


What Mindvalley Liked About Multiplier?

  1. A single EOR platform for hiring, insurance, and payroll
  2. A dedicated Customer Success Manager who is reactive to customer’s needs
  3. A powerful, all-encompassing hiring platform that’s also easy-to-use

The Significant Pay-off

The add-ons in the platform, such as the salary calculator tool and onboarding guides, provided Mindvalley’s people leaders with a clear view of employment costs, social contributions and taxes.

“What we really liked about Multiplier was how it let us input where we wanted to hire and instantly see the associated costs. It then provided us with a breakdown of the employee’s potential earnings and total cost, letting us experiment with our budget and consider hiring from different countries and regions.”

– Nik Mahirah Nik Mohammad

People Operations Manager at Mindvalley


This helped them foresee hiring costs and plan hiring budgets accordingly. The onboarding guides also gave an overview of what recruiting leaders should remember while recruiting in a chosen country. 

“I would mention the country guidelines because I’ve seen with other Employee of Record platforms that those guidelines weren’t in the platform, so you had to be redirected elsewhere to get them. So it’s useful because they are there on the platform. You don’t have to look for them elsewhere.”

– Nik Mahirah Nik Mohammad

People Operations Manager at Mindvalley


Mindvalley was able to hire 18 employees across Europe and Asia in record time. With a smart mix of technology, customer success managers, and EOR infrastructure, the ed-tech company is bolder than ever with its global expansion strategy. 

Best impressions

  • Significant cost savings and reduction in time-to-hire 
  • Efficient workforce hiring plans with the built-in salary calculator
  • Superior customer experience with responsive and personalized support 
  • Comprehensive onboarding guides to understand local requirements 

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