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Multiplier 95%
deel. 93%


Multiplier 92%
deel. 89%

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Cost of Ownership

Total cost of ownership

Experience an optimized total cost of ownership with an Employer of Record priced smartly for different wage markets across the world.

Easy Implementation

Easiest to implement

Rated the #1 easiest to implement EOR three times in a row, you can hit the ground running in a few days with Multiplier. Say goodbye to processes that delay your total set-up time.

Humanized Support

Humanized support

At the core of everything we do, we focus on people — our clients and employees. Enjoy dedicated customer support and an onboarding manager for you and your new employee.

Unmatched benefits

Offer your overseas employees top-class, customized, and comprehensive insurance coverage, no matter where they are based — Manila or California.

Total cost of ownership

with Multiplier

With Multiplier, you save $68750 or upto 76% in savings.



Number of employees: 80

See how we compare

Onboarding an overseas employee need not be complex. Our onboarding specialists guide you and your employees every step of the way, from contract generation to employee activation. The best part? You can create a locally compliant contract in under 5 minutes — we timed it!

Easy & instant contract generationAvailableHidden behind a quote
Deposit collection
Salary + employer contributions + fixed allowances + PTO
Salary + employer contributions + fixed allowances + PTO + EOR management fee
Onboarding tracker to view real-time progress – pending tasks, action pending on & provision to take action if a task is pending on you AvailableNot available
Fastest to implement – no. 1 most implementable EOR on G2AvailableNot available
At Multiplier, we provide dedicated human support to every single company. Whether you hire 1 employee or 100, you can count on us to promptly support your business and your employees along the way. Our worldwide support team is available across regions & time zones.
24/7 human support 24/7 support
For companies
  • During onboarding: Implementation Manager
  • After onboarding: Dedicated Customer Success Manager for all clients
  • Success plans: With all clients
  • During onboarding: Account Manager
  • After onboarding: CSM with varying quality of support depending on the size & revenue of the client
  • Success plans: With moderate to high-revenue clients
For employees
  • During onboarding: Onboarding Manager for every employee to proactively assist with documentation & address any concerns
  • After onboarding: 24/7 chat & email support by a human
  • During onboarding: Employee to schedule a meeting with the team in case of any queries
  • After onboarding: Email & bot support
Response & resolution
  • Response: Email: 1-2 hours, Chat: 2-3 minutes
  • Resolution: Chat 1 hour, Email: 2-4 hours
  • Response: Email: Within 4-8 hours, Chat: Right away
  • Resolution: No resolution time disclosed

Avail top-class benefits that are globally compliant and locally relevant. Our insurance coverages are indigenous to what is customary in specific regions, unlike Deel, which uses a one-size-fits-all approach. Working with local partners also means you enjoy a cost advantage with better service.

Curated localized plans of global standardsAvailableMostly works with a global partner
Uniform localized benefits across countriesAvailableNot available

Multiplier’s pricing is customized by geography, ensuring the best total cost of ownership with time. Deel uses discounting tactics with high switching costs and offboarding charges.

Employer of RecordStarts at $400 per employee per monthStarts at $599 per employee per month
Additional charges$5 processing fee per month; All costs disclosed upfront$5 ACH fee to move money from a US bank to Deel; $599 offboarding fee per employee
Contractor$40 per contractor per month$49 per contractor per month

Processing employee salaries on time and with full accuracy is sacrosanct, and we get it. Multiplier’s payroll accuracy is consistently high, which makes our clients rely on us as a trusted EOR partner.

Payroll accuracy99.95% payroll accuracyPayroll errors reported (refer public reviews)
Payroll cut-off date & off-cycle paymentsCut-off date: 15th; Can submit off-cycle changesCut-off date: 20th; Can submit off-cycle changes
Owned entities worldwide100+ countries100+ countries

Disclaimer: The data on this page was collected as of June 6th, 2024, and is subject to change or update. Cost calculations are based on publicly available costs as of the date mentioned above.

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