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Remote Hiring: The Ultimate Guide for hiring remote workers

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As a business owner wanting to expand your workforce, you naturally would want to recruit talented resources who can meet organizational goals. However, you cannot find all perfect hires in one place. Talent is scattered across the world. Backed by technology, hiring remote talent helps you access cross-border talent pools and carefully handpick the right human resources for your company.

The Need for Remote Hiring

‍Remote hiring isn’t something new. It’s been around for some time now. Companies have built remote teams to carry out their business operations where the employees belonging to one team work from different parts of the world and are connected through technology.

However, with the social distancing measures in place, the momentum for remote hiring has reached an all time high.

Both companies and employees prioritize personal safety. When such is the scenario worldwide, nobody would want to miss an employment opportunity which is unfailingly safe. This is precisely what remote hiring does. While opening solid income pipelines for employees during this uncertain time, remote hiring also ensures more business productivity for companies. So, it is a win-win.

Plus, hiring remote talent opens doors to boost the global economy as a whole after the deadly COVID-19 crisis.

How to hire Remote workers

‍Now that you know why remote hiring is the need of the hour, you have to figure out and execute a streamlined process to make sure it happens just the way you want it to. If you overlook this part of remote hiring, the entire process may turn out to be chaotic while making it troublesome for you to shortlist and onboard talented resources.

After all, it isn’t just about the professional skills but also the ability of the employee to exhibit maximum productivity in the remote working environment and adapt to your company’s work culture.

So, here is the step-by-step approach to channelize remote hiring for an organization like yours.


‍Job postings on leading job search portals do work to hire remote employees. However, it does not stop with job search portals such as these.

Yes, there are other job search boards specifically for remote workers. If you are not posting on these remote job search boards, you are missing out on a greater part of your target crowd.

On the contrary, putting up job postings on remote job search portals come in handy to attract the attention of remote job seekers across the world.


Not every applicant is an ideal candidate for a job opening. So, the filtration process should begin right here to make the remote hiring process easier.

Provide a clear job description to let the applicants know who the ideal candidates for the job opening are. Explain the job roles and responsibilities to avoid discrepancies.

Plus, it is also a welcome move to include a personality test in the description to narrow down candidates based on their personalities.


‍Remote working isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. It is important to make your applicants understand this scenario while giving them a glimpse into the job and the work culture of your organization.

This doesn’t mean you have to explain everything inside out. For instance, featuring personal stories of your employees who have reached new milestones with your company will help you to connect with your ideal candidates.

Alternatively, you can also give a realistic job preview using a short video to showcase your company culture and how it is like to work with your organization to get the job done right.


After job application, the next step is to evaluate the candidates. This isn’t easy especially when you connect with the candidates virtually.

However, virtual tests open doors for you to evaluate the candidates in a seamless and effective manner. Assess them through written tests and technical sessions that follow.

This way, you will be able to weed out candidates who you think can’t fit in or cater to the needs of your organization at large. On the other hand, you can shortlist potential candidates and take them to the next level of the remote interview process.


Once you handpick potential candidates out of all the applicants, it’s time for the final selection. You can conduct a face-to-face personal interview.

Virtual meet platforms for professionals like Google Meet, Zoom and more are quite popular these days. You can use one of these platforms for an effective personal interview session.

Based on this final evaluation, you can choose candidates who are the right fit for the specified job role and the remote working environment synchronously.

Top Perks of Remote Hiring for Your Business

Although remote hiring culture has been here for some time now it is gaining momentum in this pandemic era. Take a look at the benefits of remote hiring for companies like yours.


As the remote hiring model allows your employees to work from the comfort of their homes, there is a higher probability of good health both physically and mentally. Good health translates into maximum productivity at work.

Plus, the remote hiring practice helps employees to avoid tiresome daily transit and spend more time on their core professional activities at large.


Hiring the right set of people can help you to boost your business efficiency enormously. The chief advantage of hiring remote talent is you can access a massive pool of talents across the globe with no geographical barriers. This way, hiring remotely builds a robust workforce for you to take your business to a higher level in a short span of time.


It is downtime for everyone in terms of finance as the COVID-19 pandemic has created havoc in the global economy. With remote hiring, companies are able to create more openings which ensures employment for more people worldwide.


A remote team comprises people working for you from different parts of the world. So, the time zones are naturally different. So, you always have someone from the team working. This, in turn, increases the operating hours of your business and allows you to provide 24×7 support for your clients. Let us say, your office closes by 8 PM in India. Someone else belonging to your team will be working for you from the United States even after the specified time.


As a business owner, you know very well that every penny counts. The remote recruitment model eliminates the hassles of setting up a workplace. Consequently, you save on electricity, internet connectivity, food, etc. This way, remote hiring, aside ensuring a streamlined workflow,  saves some big bucks.

The Challenges in Hiring Remotely

Now you know remote recruiting fetches amazing benefits for your business. However, there are some challenges in this space that you need to take into account. This way, you avoid discrepancies and find out perfect hires for your organization easily.

When it comes to hiring remote talent, you have a vast pool of global talents to choose from. While this is actually an advantage, it also requires you to identify major locations for recruitment in order to narrow down your search. Otherwise, the recruitment process may consume a lot of time.

Second, it does not end with recruiting global resources. You also need to find ways to onboard and manage your remote employees, monitor their activities at work, and process payroll accordingly. This is how you can ensure a smooth workflow while establishing an amazing company culture.

After all, every country has a different set of legal procedures and you need to make sure your company complies with them in order to pave the way for hassle-free remote hiring

Overcoming the Challenges in Remote Hiring

As said, remote hiring on a global level comes with the above challenges. So, you need to equip your business to combat these problems and unleash the benefits of hiring remote talent.

However, traditional recruitment methods do not work well for remote hiring. Companies that still rely on outdated hiring methods only end up struggling hard to find good hires. In fact, 36% of HR professionals claim insufficient technology hinders them from organizing employee onboarding efficiently. Failing to reach out to the right set of resources can lead to a business loss in the long run. Yes, what else can a business owner expect when his competitors overshadow his business with a more robust workforce?

So, you need something more than the usual HR management setup to be a step ahead of your competitors. You’ll need a solution that helps you beat your competitors to the bone in the hunt for talented resources.

A global HR service provider backed by technology is precisely who can help.

How Multiplier can be the Right HR Partner

Multiplier is a trusted HR partner for leading brands across the globe. With our technology-powered advanced platform, we ensure 100% statutory compliance for companies hiring remotely.

We take care of global HR management for you and provide you with maximum transparency into the process. With our real-time insights, you get to know every activity of your global HR wing without overspending your time on the monotonous employee management process.

Your workforce is the backbone of your company. We understand this and provide you with 100% employee ownership. We only onboard and manage your company’s human resources in order to take the burden off your shoulders.

We process payroll for your remote employees no matter which country they belong to. While we manage payroll, the ultimate power still lies with you. Yes, the one-click feature of our technology platform facilitates you to approve payroll at the tap of a button. We execute payroll processing only after you acknowledge it every time at the tap of a button.

Want to know more about how Multiplier can support you in hiring remotely. Get in touch with our business consultants today.

Hiring and onboarding using Multiplier ensures you hire remote talent with locally compliant, fool-proof job contracts, offer emphatic benefits and disburse salaries accurately with absolutely nil errors in payrolls.

Hiring and onboarding using Multiplier ensures you hire remote talent with locally compliant, fool-proof job contracts, offer emphatic benefits and disburse salaries accurately with absolutely nil errors in payrolls.​

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