Achieving Global Compliance: Multiplier Helps Axero Solutions Save $1 Million Annually While Ensuring Global Compliance

Axero Solutions is a technology and digital workplace solution firm, based in New York City, with a team of 50+ employees. Axero specializes in transforming how organizations collaborate, offering customized workplace experiences for businesses of various sizes. Their all-in-one platform includes an intranet that facilitates communication, knowledge management, collaboration, task management, and the development of company culture.


Annual savings


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Global compliance


Axero Solutions (Axero Holdings LLC)



Company Size

50-100 Employees


United States of America




The Challenge

Axero, with its global team, reaps numerous benefits but also faces significant challenges, such as global compliance. Maintaining compliance with diverse local employment laws, regulations, contracts, and taxes across multiple locations such as India, Spain, Montenegro, and the Philippines proved to be labor-intensive and time-consuming for Axero Solutions. The complexity was further magnified when it came to adhering to laws related to employee tax and social security withholdings. Moreover, the cost and challenge of finding high-quality talent added to the financial burden. Axero’s objective was to navigate these hurdles and foster a truly borderless workforce.


Recognizing compliance as a major hurdle, Axero aimed to overcome these constraints and establish a truly borderless workforce.

“We have a global team and doing things in a locally compliant manner — from payroll, contracts, taxes and more – was tough. It has become quite cumbersome to manage all of this internally.”

– Adam Ilowite

CEO of Axero

The Solution

A well-managed global compliance plan is crucial for an efficient global operation. Multiplier played a key role in simplifying global compliance for Axero Solutions by providing a comprehensive understanding of employment laws, tax laws, and payroll requirements in various countries.

By utilizing Multiplier’s Employer of Record (EOR) solution, Axero was able to avoid the need to establish entities in countries such as India, Spain, Montenegro, and the Philippines. Instead, Multiplier acted as the nominal employer, relieving Axero of administrative burden. 

This transformation allowed Axero to perceive global employment as a strategic advantage rather than a cost. With the help of Multiplier’s platform, Axero could generate locally compliant contracts, navigate specific labor and tax laws, provide local insurance coverage, and ensure legal tax contributions. Consequently, this approach reduced the risks associated with cross-border employment.


Value Proposition

  • Annual savings of $1 million
  • Time savings
  • Competitive pricing
  • Simplicity of hiring and onboarding
  • Global compliance

The Evaluation

Multiplier streamlined global compliance for Axero, providing a seamless process from onboarding to payroll. With cost-efficient talent on board, Axero was able to save time and money, enabling them to efficiently manage its HR operations, improve productivity, achieve greater agility, and expand its operations globally.


What Worked with Multiplier?

  1. Presence across 150+ countries where Axero Solution was looking to hire
  2. Team support and utmost transparency
  3. Speed of onboarding process 

“The simplicity of hiring and onboarding was definitely one feature that attracted us to go with Multiplier. The salary calculator was very helpful for us, especially as we were moving employees from one platform to another, so there weren’t any unforeseen surprises.”

Adam Ilowite,

CEO of Axero

The Significant Pay-off

Axero Solutions eliminated cross-border employment risks by utilizing Multiplier’s platform. Implementation of the EOR solution led to an annual saving of $1 million for payroll and operations, while still adhering to local, corporate, and tax laws. It also helped Axero save up to 300 hours of work per month. Additionally, through Multiplier’s local insurance partners, Axero was able to offer top-quality local insurance coverage for their employees. This support assisted Axero in retaining valuable team members by granting them the flexibility to live wherever they desired, instilling confidence in the future of both their team and the company.

“Now that we’re up and running, we can hire and onboard really quickly, and stay compliant. We feel much more at peace knowing that we’re in compliance with all local regulations and laws. We’ve also been able to offer certain benefits that we weren’t able to offer beforehand.”

– Adam Ilowite,

CEO of Axero

Best Impressions:

  • Competitive pricing enabled Axero Solutions to save significantly on costs
  • Saved internal resources by outsourcing compliance to Multiplier
  • Offered local employee benefits to employees worldwide

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